Olá! I'm João Cunha.

I'm a self-taught developer-turned-product-manager who's spent over a decade pushing for a tiny bit of a better web. I have worked with both small businesses and industry-leading companies that serve billions of page views per month, on products where performance and accessibility are paramount.

Originally from São Paulo, I've moved to sunny Dubai to work at Dubizzle/OLX, the UAE's largest website. In 2015 I decided to give remote another chance and travel more, so I joined FetLife, the largest adult social network in the world. Been a nomad ever since.

I'm deeply passionate about User Experience and my design peers say I have a very keen eye for details. I enjoy collaborating with a cross-functional team from the inception of a feature to its production deployment.

I'm an avid traveler (visited about 30 countries) and a big time foodie, and my hobbies include cooking for friends, boxing, and photography.

I also speak at events and organize a few communities. I'm a Lead Organizer at the GDG (Google Developers Group) Presidente Prudente.


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